Support Bletchley Park

30 Apr 2010

Bletchley Park in the UK (near Milton Keynes in Buckinghamshire) was a WW2 code breaking centre, but today is probably best known as the place where Alan Turing, Tommy Flowers and a huge team of brilliant people pioneered the technology that was to become the digital computer, in order to automate the process of cryptographic analysis.

Bletchley has suffered neglect for years, firstly due to its role and creations being considered top secret and more recently simply through lack of funding.  Thankfully in recent years funding has started to be found (partly though the National Lottery) and Bletchly is now being developed and preserved and is  home to a range of fascinating museums (including a rebuilt Bombe, the reconstructed Colossus computer and the National Museum of Computing, as well as museums about Bletchley’s role in WW2).

To that end, a number of people involved in the computing industries are pledging one day’s salary to Bletchley Park to help them meet their next fund raising target.  If you’d like to do the same, the pledge site is here:

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