Fixing Lion’s Fur

04 Dec 2011

I’ve upgraded my Macs to Lion (OS/X 10.7), primarily to allow me to migrate off MobileMe (that’s going away in the summer) and onto the new shiny iCloud replacement.

While it all worked very smoothly, like many others I was horrified by the new look of the iCal and Address Book applications:

What were they thinking of? These new leather style skins look totally out of place on OS/X’s desktop. I just hope they’re not a hint about the future look of the system!

Luckily plenty of other people don’t like them either, so someone has created a new set of image resources to return them to a sane aluminium look, which you can find here on the MacNix blog. The result is much better:

Thank you to Codeus for providing these. Give that man a cigar! (Or put a couple of dollars in his tip jar anyway).

On a related point, for another unknown reason (apparently a Jedi mind trick!) Apple also decided to remove the nice coloured Finder sidebar icons and turn them to bland grey. You can find instructions on that page on what to do to get colour back in your life, but in short you need a SIMBL bundle that puts nice colourful icons back.

Ahh. Much better.

(Luckily all of this is also quite easy to remove if it doesn’t work for you – the SIMBL bundle can just be removed and you can save copies of iCal and Address Book to use if you find a problem with the aluminium skinned ones).

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