A New Chapter

20 Jan 2015

I’m very pleased to announce that I’ve just joined the European IT services company, Endava, as their CTO.  In this job I’ll be working with clients on technical strategy and working with our delivery organisation to ensure that we have the right tools, technologies, and processes  in place across the firm to deliver great results for our clients.

I’ve enjoyed the last 10 years of capital markets architecture work, mainly due to the many great people I’ve worked with at UBS, BGI and so BlackRock (who acquired BGI) – thanks to you all, you know who you are. However it was a good time for a change and I’m relishing the challenge of being CTO for a firm as exciting and as accomplished as Endava.

As part of my new job I hope to be doing a lot more writing, blogging and speaking than I’ve been able to do while working for a highly regulated banking firm, so hopefully this site will get updated a lot more regularly from now on.


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