About Me

My name is Eoin Woods and I have worked in software engineering of some sort for 20 years. I’ve been lucky enough to work for a number of great companies during that time, including Groupe Bull, Sybase, InterTrust, ZuhlkeBGI and UBS. I’ve also been an independent consultant, which was another good experience.

Today, I’m the CTO of Endava, the fast growing European IT services company.  I work with our major clients to offer technical advice, particularly around technical strategy, and I work with Endava’s delivery organisation to ensure that we have the right tools, technologies, and processes in place across to get the job done for our clients.

Professionally, I am interested in a range of areas including software architecture, distributed systems, data management and IT security. On the educational front, I have the usual collection of letters after my name, with BSc and MSc degrees in software engineering and the FBCS, MIEE (or MIET today), CEng and CITP professional qualifications. I’m also a fellow of the International Association of Software Architects.

Outside work, I‘m an enthusiastic amateur trumpet player (playing both big-band jazz and classical music) and I like anything with an engine that moves quickly (particularly Alfa Romeo and Audi road cars and saloon car and Formula 1 racing).

In case you were wondering, you pronounce my first name as the English name “Owen”. It‘s an Irish name (I‘m originally from Glengormley near Belfast in Northern Ireland). To find out more about Irish names, take a look at the Irish FAQ.

If you‘d like to contact me, the best way is via email or via LinkedIn.

For those interested in how this site was designed and created, it’s a WordPress 3 based site, hosted on my own 1&1 hosting site, with a custom theme designed by Alex Rozanski.