San Diego
May 2016
I returned to SATURN after a long break. A terrific event, in San Diego, where it was great to catch up with a lot of people I hadn't seen for a long time and meet interesting new people too. I gave a version of my talk "Getting Your System to Production and Keeping It There". The slides are slightly different to previous talks, so they're linked here for reference.
JAX Finance
Apr 2016
I spoke again at JAX Finance this year, and gave a session "Secure Systems Fundamentals – keeping bad guys out and regulators happy" based on my security fundamentals talk, with a finance flavour. My session scores were very positive so I'm really pleased that people found it useful.
DevWeek 2016
Apr 2016
I was very pleased to return to DevWeek this year (my second time) where I gave two talks, one on Common Webapp Vulnerabilities and What to Do About Them and the other on Getting Your System to Production and Keeping It There. Both seemed to go well, so thanks to everyone who came along and interacted so well during the sessions.
QCON London 2016
Mar 2016
I was a track host again at QCON London this year, where I ran the Finance track. We reworked the theme for 2016 and used the opportunity to showcase emerging trends, so we titled it "Disrupting Finance". Thank you to my hard working speakers, Ken Kappler, Stevie Graham, Michael Crawford and Jon Sedar, Benjamin Wootton and Kriti Sharma.
Feb 2016
I returned to Munich in February for the excellent OOP conference, a number of years after I was last there. I gave a talk on the history and future of software architecture titled Software Architecture as Systems Dissolve for the Jubilee Track. It was slightly intimidating, given the other speakers on the track included Ralph Johnson and Linda Rising, but thank you to everyone who came and to Frank Buschmann for the invitation!
London Java Community
Jan 2016
I gave my Security Beyond the Libraries talk to the London Java Community as an evening event, which was a great experience with a good crowd, a lot of insightful questions, and great discussion afterwards.
London Java Community
Dec 2015
I gave my Getting Your System to Production talk to the London Java Community as an evening event. A great evening with good discussion afterwards.
Software Architect 2015
Oct 2015
It was great to be back at Software Architect in London this year. Chris Handsley and the Publicis Blueprint team did a great job and the event ran very smoothly. I gave a couple of talks, one on web security threats and one that explored how we can defer the Last Responsible Moment if we need to. Thanks to everyone who came to both talks and made them a success.
GOTO London 2015
Sep 2015
Trifork have recent decided to part company with C4Media and the result is that the QCON and GOTO conferences are now separate events. I gave a talk at the inaugural GOTO London at Skills Matter's fanastic new CodeNode space. The talk was a shortened version of my productionisation talk. It seemed to go down well so hopefully people found it useful.
SPA 2015
Jun 2015
Software Practice Advancement (SPA) 2015 was as much fun as ever. New ideas, old ideas revisited, old friends, new friends, interactive sessions, ... In short lots of wisdom, no fluff. In amongst all the wisdom, Chris Cooper-Bland, Nick Rozanski and I ran a session on how you might extend the Last Responsible Moment while Andy Longshaw, Nick Rozanski and I ran an interactive session that illustrated the OWASP Top 10 List.
JAX Finance 2015
Apr 2015
The redoubtable JAX team created a new conference this year for people involved in finance IT. A fairly small event this year, but hopefully something that will grow in the future. A terrific venue (The Barbican) and a terrific team (the JAX guys) along with a strong speaker lineup. A great combination! For my part I reworked a talk that Simon Brown and I created on modelling called "Models, Sketches and Everything in Between" for solo presentation, which seemed to go quite well.
DevWeek 2015
Mar 2015
After a great time at Software Architect 2014 I was very pleased to be asked to give a talk at DevWeek 2015, which was based on my security talk at SA2014. Again it seemed to go down well, which was great. Its good to know that people find it useful.
QCON London 2015
Mar 2015
At QCON London this year I had a completely new experience as I moved from being a speaker to being a track host. I ran the CD and DevOps track and was lucky enough to have a team of terrific speakers in Steve Thair, Dave Farley, Matthew Skelton, Anna Shipman and Amy Phillips. Thanks to them and to everyone who came to the talks.
Software Architect 2014
Oct 2014
Software Architect seemed to be even larger this year, with a very good crowd of attendees and lots of interesting talks.

I ran a session on security fundamentals ("System Security Beyond the Libraries") talking about how achieving security needs more than just knowing which pieces of technology are relevant.

I also ran a fun session with Simon Brown on making system modelling effective called "Models, Sketches and Everything In-Between".
SPA 2014
Jun 2014
I was back at the BCS SPA group's annual conference this summer, which was a great experience as always, meeting old friends and new people alike. I jointly ran a couple of sessions, one on multi-system testing with Andy Longshaw and Chris Cooper-Bland, and practical one on OAuth authentication with Nick Rozanski.
Software Architect 2013
Oct 2013
The Software Architect conference has evolved this year, from being run by its founder, the redoubtable Nick Payne, to the exciting new prospect of being run by Publicis Blueprint.  I was very pleased to give a couple of talks this year on Productisation and UML.  The talk on UML was requested by conference attendees in the feedback from previous years, which surprised me but was very gratifying to find that not everyone has thrown the modelling "baby" out with the agile "bathwater"!
SPA 2013
Jun 2013
After a few years away, it was fantastic to return to the BCS SPA conference in London in the summer.  Many of the old faces, lots of new ones, the depth and insight available better than ever.  I reunited with my colleagues Nick Rozanski and Andy Longshaw to run a session that explored what to do to orient yourself and make things better when joining a new project.
IASA UK Architecture Summit
Apr 2013
The IASA UK Chapter ran our first ever large scale event in April this year, a two day architecture conference, which was a huge success.  As part of it I gave an updated version of my talk on how to deal with existing teams as a software architect.
IDC Enterprise Architecture Conference
Mar 2013
I was very pleased to be asked by IDC to talk at their Enterprise Architecture Conference in March.  I gave an updated and tailored version of my talk on using architecture principles to allow enterprise architects to unify their work across the different levels of abstraction in modern enterprise software development.
Software Architect 2012
Oct 2012
I was lucky enough to be accepted to speak again at the SA 2012 event in London in October.  Always a good event, I really enjoyed my day there on Thursday.  Thanks to all who came to my talk, which was an updated version of the talk entitled A Team, A System, Some Legacy ... and You, from GOTO earlier in the year.  The slides here are an updated version from the set in the official conference materials.
WICSA 2012
Aug 2012
WICSA, the research/practice crossover software architecture conference was held in Helsinki in 2012, which was a great location.  I presented a short paper in a working session outlining an approach I designed for using a custom graphical language to represent the architecture of a large system.  Paper and slides here.
EAC 2012
Jun 2012
I was privileged to accept an invitation from Sally Bean to give a talk on architecture principles at IRM's Enterprise Architecture Conference (EAC) in London in June.  I enjoyed the day and the talk seemed to go well - thanks to those who came along and in particular those who asked such good questions.
GOTO Copenhagen
May 2012
I was very pleased to be asked to speak at GOTO Copenhagen, one of the GOTO/QCON/YOW series of conferences which are always great events.  I gave a talk entitled "A team, a system, some legacy ... and you" in which I discussed how software architects can work with real teams who have existing systems and the envitable complications that having a system in production brings. It seemed to go very well, thanks to all who came.
LAC 2011
Nov 2011
I was honoured to be asked to give a keynote talk at the LAC conference in the Netherlands in November.  The talk I gave was entitled "Dividing and Conquering at Architectural Scale" and was on the subject of how design principles can unify the design process across enterprise architecture, software architecture and software development scales.
SA 2011
Oct 2011
I happily returned to give another talk at the Software Architecture conference series in London in October.  The talk was an in-depth introduction to designing event driven systems. Unfortunately, there was rather too much material for the time available, but I think we covered the core of the material quite well.
GOTO Aarhus
Oct 2011
I gave a talk in the software architecture track at GOTO Aarhus, which was a great event.  The talk was on the subject of "architecture in the gaps" exploring the metaphor that architectural design decisions tend to be found at the edges of things rather than in the middle.  
WICSA 2011
Boulder, CO
Jun 2011
I had a research paper accepted at WICSA 2011 (in glorious Boulder, Colorado) entitled "Industrial Software Architecture Assessment using TARA" explaining a simple method that I designed while at BGI for assessing the architecture of proposed or existing systems.  I also gave an updated version of the "Software Architecture with Stakeholders, Viewpoints and Perspectives" tutorial, bringing it up to date for the 2nd edition of the book.
JAX London
Apr 2011
I ran two sessions at JAX London, one discussing how software architects can work effectively with agile teams and one on how event driven architecture (EDA) can be used for systems integration.  The event driven integration talk went down well.  The agile one?  Not so much.
Mar 2011
I was privileged to be asked to give a talk at QCON London in March 2011. The talk was about preserving and recovering architecture in system implementations and is similar to the one given at SA2010 the October 2010.
Oct 2010
I managed to pick up a bad cold the day before I was due to speak at SA 2010 but in spite of that I enjoyed the event. I gave two talks, one on using design principles and one on preserving architecture and design information in a system's implementation.
ECSA 2010
Aug 2010
I submitted a paper to the Industry track at ECSA 2010 talking about the challenges of preserving architectural design information in a system's implementation. The slides are linked here, the paper is on the Writing page.
May 2010
For SPA this year Chris Cooper-Bland, Nick Rozanski and I presented a session on applying design principles for architecture and design work. From the feedback scores it appears that this session didn't really hit the spot for a number of the attendees, but thanks to all who came along and we hope that everyone got something from the session.
Jan 2010
I was fortunate to be asked to give a couple of talks at OOP2010 in Munich. I ran my Agile Architecture and Top 10 Software Architecture Mistakes sessions and the slides are available here. Thanks to Frances Paulisch for the invitation.
IASA London
Jan 2010
Nick Rozanski, Chris Cooper-Bland and I ran a session for the UK IASA chapter on the subject of architectural design principles, which seemed to go very well. Matt Deacon, the leader of the UK chapter has blogged about our session and made some excellent follow up comments on his Digestive Blog.
Sep 2009
This conference is known as the conference for software architects by software architects and in 2009 it was located in Cambridge in the UK. I was very privileged to give a keynote talk as well as co-presenting a workshop paper and being part of the organising committee, ably led by Chris Cooper-Bland and Mark Dalgarno.
Jul 2009
Andy Longshaw, Nick Rozanski and I re-ran a slightly truncated version of our design principles session from SPA2009 at the sister one-day event miniSPA 2009 in July. It seemed to go very well, from our point of view at least, and it was great to get some more insights from a fresh audience. Hopefully if you were an attendee you found it useful and interesting too.
Apr 2009
Once again I was fortunate to present a session with Andy Longshaw and Nick Rozanski, this year exploring how design principles underpin design patterns. The session went very well and appeared to be well received (thanks for the positive feedback if you were there). We had some interesting outputs available here.
QCON London
Mar 2009
I gave a talk describing how we've built a bespoke portfolio management system at BGI and how we blended mainstream and niche commercial and open source software in order to achieve this at acceptable cost and risk. Slides and video replay linked here.
Sep 2008
I gave a talk based on my Top 10 Architecture Mistakes article at JAOO in Denmark and thoroughly enjoyed my time during the few days I was there. A great conference!
Jun 2008
I gave a couple of talks at Software Architect 2008 at the Barbican Centre in London, one on systems-of-systems modelling and one on agile architecture practices. Kudos to Nick Payne and his team on organising a great event.
Apr 2008
I gave a keynote talk and presented my tutorial on Software Architecture Using Viewpoints and Perspectives at this excellent workshop event organised by the Software Engineering Institute. The tutorial slides and slides and a video presentation of the keynote are here.
Mar 2008
I co-presented a couple of sessions at SPA2008. The first was with Rob James of HSBC on systems integration which simulated the process of integrating enterprise systems where one set of teams worked in a tactical ("just do it") way and the other worked together via a shared XML schema to allow us to compare the results. The second session was run with Nick Rozanski and Andy Longshaw on exploring what you should put in an architectural description document.
IASA London
Dec 2007
I gave a talk on agile architecture, very similar to the one at EAC2007 (below) based on my experience of trying to do architecture in an agile way and also working effectively as an architect with agile teams. Slides are the same as the talk below.
Jun 2007
I gave my first talk on "agile architecture" based on my experience of trying to do architecture work in an agile way and working as an architect with agile teams. The core of the talk discussed how software architects can (and should) interact with agile, delivery focused teams, along with examples. Somehow there shouldn't be a conflict but there often is, so the talk explains how I think you can avoid it.
May 2007
I presented a workshop with Nick Rozanski on what a DSL for information systems architecture might look like.
Mar 2007
I presented a 3 hour workshop with Nick Rozanski on achieving high availability. Slides from the workshop are linked here, the outputs are on the SPA Wiki.
Oct 2006
I presented our Software Architecture tutorial at OOPSLA in Portland in October 2006. These are the slides from the session, updated to remove minor errors spotted during the presentation.
SPA Cambridge
Sep 2006
I gave an updated version of my "Past, Present and Future of Software Architecture" talk to the BCS SPA Cambridge subgroup. Many thanks to all who attended. It seemed to go well and I enjoyed the discussion we had at the end of the talk. These are the slides I used for the talk, reorganised slightly for easy printing.
IASA London
Apr 2006
Nick Rozanski and I gave a talk on software architecture, based on the content of our book, to the London chapter of the International Association of Software Architects. The slides we used were a simplified set of our tutorial slides from WICSA (see below).
Mar 2006
I co-presented sessions on Architecture Description Beyond UML (with Nick Rozanski), Inversion of Control Containers in Java (with Wolf Schlegel) and Surviving Outsourcing (with Andy Longshaw and Nick Rozanski). Slides are here, session outputs linked from the session titles above.
Mar 2006
I gave a talk on the past, present and future of software architecture to the Kingston and Croydon BCS local branch. Slides are here.
Nov 2005
I presented a tutorial on using viewpoints and perspectives for software architecture, a paper describing a case study of using architectural perspectives on an EAI project, and led a workshop on ADLs. The tutorial slides are here, the paper and workshop report on the Writing page.
Agile Business
Sep 2005
I jointly ran a workshop with Rob Day entitled RAD: Really Awful Design - Really? examining whether architecture can fit in a DSDM project and considering if an "architectural suitability filter" should be developed by the DSDM Consortium.
CIO Summit
Sep 2005
I gave a talk on the role of stakeholders in the architectural process at this IT analyst event.
May 2005
I gave a talk on using viewpoints and perspectives for software architecture at this conference in Zurich, Switzerland.
Apr 2005
I ran a solo session on architectural evaluation and joint sessions on AspectJ/AOP (with Dan Haywood) and architectural principles (with Nick Rozanski). Slides are all linked here.
IFIP WG 2.10
Feb 2005
I was invited to become a participant in the IFIP International Software Architecture Working Group at its meeting in Vancouver, BC, Canada. I wrote a position paper on ADLs for Information Systems. My slides are here, the position paper is on the Writing page.
May 2004
I was an attendee at this software architecture workshop and presented a paper on experiences that Nick Rozanski and I have had with various sets of architectural viewpoints. The slides are linked here, the paper is on the Writing page.
St Neots
Mar 2004
Software Architecture with Viewpoints and Perspectives - a presentation describing explaining the use of viewpoints and perspectives for software architecture definition.
St Neots
Mar 2004
Patterns for the Generation, Handling and Management of Errors - A paper, written with Andy Longshaw from the EuroPLOP 2004 conference describing a set of patterns for error handling in information systems. Slides here, paper on the Writing page.
Apr 2003
I presented a session with Andy Longshaw on finding patterns for web service based systems. Links to materials are alongside and in the Writing section you can find a paper that Andy presented at at EuroPLOP2004 to document these patterns.
Apr 2002
X[ML] Rated Architectures - A presentation from the OT2002 conference describing my experiences creating an early XML-based distributed system product.