Aug 2012
WICSA 2012
WICSA, the research/practice crossover software architecture conference was held in Helsinki in 2012, which was a great location.  I presented a short paper in a working session outlining an approach I designed for using a custom graphical language to represent the architecture of a large system.  Paper and slides here.
Jun 2011
WICSA 2011
I had a research paper accepted at WICSA 2011 (in glorious Boulder, Colorado) entitled "Industrial Software Architecture Assessment using TARA" explaining a simple method that I designed while at BGI for assessing the architecture of proposed or existing systems.  I also gave an updated version of the "Software Architecture with Stakeholders, Viewpoints and Perspectives" tutorial, bringing it up to date for the 2nd edition of the book.
Apr 2011
Relating Software Requirements and Architectures
Nick Rozanski and I wrote a paper entitled How Software Architecture can Frame, Constrain and Inspire System Requirements for inclusion in the Springer Verlag book Relating Software Requirements and Architectures. The paper discusses how a rich and dynamic relationship can be achieved between requirements and architecture, that allows the architecture to constrain the requirements to an achievable set of possibilities, frame the requirements making their implications clearer, and inspire new requirements from the capabilities of the system’s architecture.    
Aug 2010
Unifying Software Architecture with its Implementation
A research challenge paper that I presented at ECSA2010 suggesting that something that software architecture researchers should be focusing on is how software architecture concepts could be represented in a system's implementation. Slides for the talk are on the Events page.
Sep 2009
The System Context Architectural Viewpoint
A working group paper that Nick Rozanski and I presented at a working group at WICSA 2009 outlining a new "context" viewpoint to add to our existing set of architecture viewpoints.
Aug 2009
The Generation, Management and Handling of Errors
An article that Andy Longshaw and I wrote for ACCU as a follow on from our original Euro PLoP 2004 paper on the same topic (see below).
Aug 2009
Virtual Panel on Software Architecture
I was asked to take part in a virtual discussion panel on software architecture by InfoQ, along with Len Bass, Grady Booch and Paulo Merson, which was an interesting experience and resulted in the online article linked here.
Nov 2005
Architecture Description Languages in Practice
A workshop report that Rich Hilliard and I wrote to report the work performed during the ADLs in Practice workshop at the WICSA5 conference. Presents an interesting perspective on ADLs, steming primarily from the ADL research community. To be honest, this certainly wasn't the outcome I was expecting from this event. The honesty, enthusiasm to work with practitioners and fantastic sense of humour exhibited by all of the ADL researchers really did cause me to re-evaluate my views on this research community.
Nov 2005
Using Architectural Perspectives
A paper Nick Rozanski and I wrote for the WICSA5 conference describing how I applied our perspectives idea to an EAI system.
Oct 2005
Streamlining Your EJB Tests with Mock EJB
An online article I wrote with Alexander Ananiev (author of Mock EJB) explaining how all types of EJBs can be unit tested using the Mock EJB library. Published on BEA's dev2dev site.
Jul 2005
OCL 1.5 Quick Reference
One of the ways you can sharpen up a UML model and make it more precise is to define Object Constraint Language (OCL) constraints on it. My problem with OCL is remembering the syntax, so I've created a quick reference card to help me look it up when I need it. The card is here in PDF format. Note that the syntax is as of UML 1.5 as that was the syntax I used last time I did some serious work in OCL.
Feb 2005
Architecture Description Languages and Information Systems Architects: Never the Twain Shall Meet?
A position paper written for the February 2005 meeting of the IFIP International Software Architecture Working Group (in Vancouver, BC, Canada) discussing why information systems architects don't use architectural description languages (ADLs).
Jul 2004
Patterns for the Generation, Handling and Management of Errors
A paper, written with Andy Longshaw from the EuroPLOP 2004 conference describing a set of patterns for error handling in information systems