OS/X 10.6 Screen Sharing Login Problems

30 Apr 2010

Nothing to do with software architecture or software development, but ….

I use Macs at home and I’m one of these people who has had a pretty good experience with Apple and these days I normally accept all the software updates without looking too carefully. However, a recent OS/X 10.6 update (to 10.6.3 I think) has caused a problem which tripped me up.

I use the screen sharing feature so that I can get at things on my desktop iMac from my Mac laptop, however after a recent OS update I couldn’t log in any more.

After a lot of fiddling about and a lot of Googling, it turns out that the login name is now CaSeSeNsItIvE ! I’m absolutely sure it wasn’t before, but this is what was causing the problem.  If I try to log in as “eoin” it doesn’t work, but if I log in as “Eoin” all is well (which is quite annoying as the login name field is always populated as “eoin”).

I’m still not quite sure why this is the case because the remote underlying OS user (as reported by “id”) is “eoin” … however it refuses to let me log in unless I use the username “Eoin”.  If you can’t log into screen sharing on OS/X 10.6.x this might well be worth trying!

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