2012 Speaking Engagements

15 Apr 2012

I’ve now just about confirmed all of my 2012 speaking and conference plans …

  • May – St Andrews – accepting an invitation to go and give a seminar on industrial software architecture practice at the University of St Andrews in Fife (Scotland).
  • May – QCON Copenhagen – talking about how you need the breadth skills of a Master Builder to be an effective (software) architect when working with existing systems.
  • June – EAC 2012 – talking about architecture principles at this London based enterprise architecture conference.
  • August – WICSA 2012 – I’ve submitted a few things to WICSA which may or may not get accepted, but I plan to take some holiday time to attend this well known software architecture conference, which is in Helsinki this year.
  • October – Software Architect 2012 – I’m pleased to find that I’ve been accepted to talk at this conference again, on the approaches that software architects need to use when working with legacy system teams.

I hope I’ll see some friendly faces at these events.  Come and say “hello” if you’re there too.

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