2019 Events

29 Mar 2019

So far in 2019, I’ve been lucky enough to speak at O’Reilly Software Architecture New York in February, I’ve given one of the keynote talks at ICSA 2019, in Hamburg, which was a great experience and I’ve run a session on technical debt at SPA in June.

Unfortunately, due to other travel I needed to do, I couldn’t get to SATURN this year which I’m really disappointed about. Hopefully I can get there next year, but I did speak at JAX London in October and in the same week, I was at the in augural GSAS conference in Barcelona.

I’ve got a few other Endava events this year, but that’s it for independent public events for 2019. I’m already looking forward to submitting proposals to 2020 events and hopefully meeting many new and old friends at those events!

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